As a result of a partnership between Satellogic and HFX, Ukraine will have satellite tasking capabilities

The HFX (Halifax International Security Forum), which is a Washington, D.C.-based impartial, non-profit, organization dedicated to promoting strategic collaboration among democratic nations, has announced a partnership with Satellogic Inc., a frontrunner in sub-meter resolution satellite imagery set, to offer the government of Ukraine with the Dedicated Satellite Constellation (DSC), a constellation of satellites covering a specific area.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense asked for help in securing finance for Satellogic’s DSC service, and this effort was born out of that request. For its DSC service, Satellogic obtained an agreement with a substantially lower price and a faster activation timetable. HFX promised to collect finances for the service on in lieu of Ukraine.

Ukraine presently obtains satellite imagery from friendly countries and commercial companies, although it is unable to assign these satellites to its unique needs. The DSC will be directly controlled by the Ukrainian government, allowing it to control a network of satellites for secure tasking and accessibility to satellite imagery over its own sovereign territory. The DSC will significantly increase the country’s ability to acquire high-resolution photographs and video data from low Earth orbit.

With fast, high-resolution satellite imagery, the Ukrainian government is going to be able to dispatch resources and evacuate citizens. The invasion’s wide breadth needs the utilization of space; the DSC is going to allow Ukraine to acquire up to 8 regions of interest of its own choosing every day, allowing it to monitor and react to alternating ground conditions across its own sovereign territory and borders.” The Dedicated Satellite Constellation service is designed to increase national security geospatial intelligence autonomy while also democratizing access to space. It’s a flexible and cost-effective satellite-as-a-service model that delivers enhanced capabilities without the need for expensive infrastructure, launches, or operations “Satellogic’s CEO and Co-Founder, Emiliano Kargieman, noted. “The DSC will give the Ukrainian government a comprehensive, timely, and scalable picture of the country and changing ground situations, which can be used to protect inhabitants now and later for restoration and recovery efforts.”

Via its own Ukraine Victory Fund, HFX has started a $10 million drive for the DSC for Ukraine.

“We’ve decided to help Ukraine in the best possible way we can,” said HFX President Peter Van Praagh. “We’re delivering sophisticated key intelligence capabilities that will allow for faster and more informed strategic decisions.”

Satellogic is the world’s first vertically integrated geospatial company, delivering genuine results based on global data. Gerardo Richarte and Emiliano Kargieman co-founded the company in 2010. Satellogic is creating the first scalable, fully automated EO (Earth Observation) platform suitable for remapping the whole globe at high resolution and frequency, allowing users to access and afford remedies.

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