$17 million raised for Space Perspective

Space Perspective has collected an extra $17 million to continue developing its own stratospheric passenger balloon system, which simulates one aspect of space travel. Trinity Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, as well as Henry Kravis, who is the co-founder of investment firm KKR and Co., announced on May 19 that the company has raised capital from numerous new investors. To date, Space Perspective has collected about $65 million.

Spaceship Neptune is a stratospheric balloon system being developed by Space Perspective in Florida that is going to lift a capsule carrying 8 passengers as well as one crew member to a height of around 30 kilometers. Before falling to an ocean splashdown, the capsule would stay aloft for several hours, affording passengers the Earth views comparable to those seen from space. The flights will be carried out under the supervision of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation, which the business will obtain.

In October 2021, Space Perspective secured $40 million during a Series A financing, which executives stated would be enough to fund the company until commercial operations began. The increased money will “accelerate the company’s continuous expansion,” according to a statement from Space Perspective, which is still aiming for commercial operations to begin in late 2024.

Space Perspective is establishing operations near Kennedy Space Center located at Space Coast Spaceport facility, also referred to as Space Coast Regional Airport. By 2026, the company plans to have 240 people, with professionals in sectors spanning from balloons of high altitude to spacecraft marine recovery.

The firm is selling seats for around $125,000 each and has stated that the very first year of flights has been completely booked, but has not stated how many tickets have been sold. World View, a company that spent several years developing payload-carrying balloons, resumed its original intentions for passenger stratospheric balloon flights last year. Starting in early 2024, World View will be selling tickets for $50,000. It claimed on May 4 that it had received 1,000 reservations with a $500 payment required for everyone.

Both businesses have shown off concepts for their passenger cabins, having a full-scale model of World View on exhibit at the South by Southwest convention based in Austin, Texas, in March. To enhance the view, both designs have reclining seats and wide windows. “Even the toilet has a view!” The capsule’s launch was announced on April 12 by Space Perspective.

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