Supreme Court Approves The Video Accounts As Confirmation Of Excusal

The Supreme Court has confirmed that the video recordings made by a company are valid as evidence to proceed with a disciplinary dismissal, especially when the employee is aware of their existence , and they do not violate any fundamental right of the worker.

In a ruling dated March 30, the social chamber annuls the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) of May 2020, which agreed with the dismissed employee.

The proceedings that the Court of Instruction number 5 of Valladolid has already placed in the hands of the parties, once the summary secret on the case of Esther López has been partially lifted, continue to point to the outrage and that it was not the cause of death but hypothermia in the hours after the impact.

All the indications that point to Óscar as a suspect in the death of Esther López, who declares this Monday before the judge
The company Areas, which offers restaurant and hotel services at the Barajas airport, fired the worker after verifying through video recording, up to eight different times, that he committed petty thefts in the premises where he worked.

A video surveillance control system was installed to try to reduce and prevent the problem of unknown loss in the retail trade, consisting of several cameras located inside the centers on the payment machines and perpendicular to the checkout counters. service in order to identify the person who performed the function of cashier.

The cameras were marked with adhesive signs that allowed all the people present in the cafeteria, both workers and customers, to be aware of their presence, of which the workers’ representatives were aware.

In the opinion of the Chamber, the proof of the reproduction of what was recorded by the video surveillance cameras was a “justified, suitable, necessary and proportionate measure for the purpose pursued”, for which it satisfied the requirements of proportionality and justifies “the limitation of the fundamental rights at stake.

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