The Camco-managed REPP has reached the million-connection mark

The UK-financed REPP (Renewable Energy Performance Platform), operated by Camco Clean Energy, has connected over one million individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa to power for the first time.

REPP has delivered sustainable energy access to around 1,083,000 individuals through its diversified portfolio of solar residential systems, solar mini-grids, and isolated grid projects, according to numbers released today in its newest quarterly impact report (metro grids).

The new links are benefiting rural people and companies in a variety of ways, including directly helping individual countries’ national climate action targets outlined in their Nationally Determined Contributions.

Most newly connected homes had to rely on diesel, kerosene, and candles, for their energy requirements before REPP’s assistance, or go without. They can now enjoy improved air quality as well as greater educational and income-generating prospects thanks to round-the-clock lighting and PUE (productive use of energy) activities now that they have access to a clean, reliable, and more inexpensive energy supply.

“Passing one million connections is a major success for REPP,” said Ben Hugues, who works as the Investment Director and Camco Clean Energy’s REPP Lead. “It reflects all of the determination and hard work of the Camco team, REPP’s board and investment committee, and the developers themselves.”

However, we must not forget that nearly half of Africa’s population — 600 million people who are in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa alone – still lack access to power. REPP has played a critical role in helping the region’s small-scale and decentralized renewable energy sector grow and thrive. Now we merely need to multiply it by 600.”

Camco Clean Energy manages the Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP), which aims to mobilize private sector development work – and the investment made – in small to medium-sized facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa (usually up to 25MW). It is funded by the UK’s International Climate Finance via the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office) and has signed contracts with 37 renewable energy projects in 18 countries, using seven different technologies ranging from PV mini-grids and solar hot water to run-of-river hydro and onshore wind.

REPP was founded in 2015 with the goal of stimulating the expansion of Sub-Saharan Africa’s small-scale and distributed renewable energy sector by investing in a combination of off-grid and on-grid projects that would otherwise go unrealized or experience significant delays. REPP’s portfolio of on-grid initiatives has improved the national grid supply stability for an additional 97,000 customers in addition to new connections.

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