Due to a surge in demand for electric vehicles, UK car sales increased by 28% in January

Due to increased demand for battery-powered vehicles, UK auto sales increased by 28% in January 2022, the largest increase in seven months. As per the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), one in every five customers chose a battery-powered vehicle, with sales of completely electric vehicles (EVs) more than increasing twice and plug-in hybrids up 47 percent. Globally, EV sales are expected to increase further in 2022, after over tripling their share of the market between 2019 and 2021. EV Technology Group, Tesla, Nio, Arrival, and ElectraMeccanica, all of which are creating new electric vehicles for the rising market, benefit from the increased acceptance of electric vehicles in the UK and around the world.

EV Technology Group, founded in 2021, is a worldwide end-to-end electric vehicle corporation that assists companies such as MOKE International Limited (MIL) in making the transition to the rising electric era. The company has continued to strengthen its business as well as leadership team since it went public earlier this month after getting ultimate authorization to list its common stock on Canada’s Neo Exchange.

On 13th April, EV Technology revealed that work on the MOKE landmark store in St Tropez, France, has begun.

Dan Burge, EV Technology Group’s Chief Product Officer, was recently appointed to the company’s executive team. Burge has over 20 years of experience in high-level operational, commercial, and technical responsibilities in the global automobile sector. Commercial Director of Lotus Engineering, as well as key commercial and program roles at Williams Advanced Engineering and Prodrive Automotive Technologies, are among his previous positions.

Burge will play a crucial role in expanding EV Technology Group’s product team, which will focus on hatching new models, brands, and other opportunities. He will also establish and operate the Group’s newly founded US office in California.

In November, EV Technology Group made a substantial investment in MOKE International Limited, which has been the official maker of MOKE vehicles since 2015, when it purchased the original 1964 brand. EV Technology Group, as the company’s major stakeholder, is collaborating with MIL to unveil the MOKE Electric in the summer of 2022 and roll out automobiles across Europe and abroad. The introduction of this groundbreaking electric vehicle is in line with EV Technology Group’s aim of restoring joy to driving by offering sleek, fresh experiences for drivers, and also enabling greener transportation and a carbon-free society.

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